Blueprint Of A Character’s Journey

Today we are going to look at the blueprint of a character’s journey—specifically a hero’s journey, but this blueprint can work with any character. It’s a narrative framework that maps out a protagonist’s adventure from the mundane to the remarkable, a concept made famous by Joseph Campbell in his work ‘The Hero with a Thousand … Read more

Examples Of Strong Characters From Literature

Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ isn’t just a tale of global catastrophe; it’s a deep exploration of character strength in the wake of the unthinkable. In a world decimated by a man-made plague, the survivors embody diverse kinds of fortitude that surpass the mere physical or mental. These characters, whose resilience, wisdom, and loyalty offer guidance … Read more

Creating Relatable Characters

In the world of storytelling, authentic and relatable characters are the heart and soul of any narrative. They are the bridges that connect readers to the story, allowing them to see parts of themselves in the characters they read about. When I think about relatable characters, Stu Redman from Stephen King’s The Stand always comes … Read more

In-depth Character Development

The Importance of In-Depth Character Development As an author with years of experience under my belt, I’ve come to realize that crafting compelling characters is essential to writing a story that resonates with readers. It is interesting that in my work as a journalist, it is the intriguing and quirky characters that I have met … Read more

Developing Strong Characters

The last time you read a great book what was one of the most compelling parts? For me, it is the characters. While I may not remember every single thing Stu Redman did in the Stephen King book The Stand, I will likely never forget Stu and Frannie and Nick. Mother Abigail is impossible to … Read more

How To Use Literary Devices To Enhance Your Writing

Understanding and mastering literary devices can significantly enhance your writing, transforming simple prose into a rich tapestry of meaning and emotion. These tools are the backbone of storytelling, offering depth to your work. By understanding the impact of literary devices and how to use them effectively, you can engage readers on a deeper level, making … Read more

Writing Tips From Famous Authors

There are writers I like to read and writers that I admire because of their power and grasp of the written word. Today, we are going to look at four famous authors and their thoughts on the different aspects of creative writing! We are going to look at Stephen King (my favorite), Ernest Hemingway, J.K. … Read more

How To Find Your Writing Voice

In the world of writing, the concept of a unique writing voice stands as one of the most vital yet elusive aspects. Your writing voice is the distinct personality, style, and character that permeate your words, setting you apart from other writers. It’s the fingerprint of your prose, reflecting your individuality and allowing readers to … Read more

The Benefits Of Keeping A Writing Journal

The Healing Power of Personal Reflection Keeping a writing journal isn’t just writing about your day. It is more about writing your thoughts and feelings about the day, about the things you experienced and the the things you did. I first started a writing journal when I was in high school. It was a requirement … Read more